A Brief History

Doctors Across Borders was founded in 1992 by Dr. Mickaeel (Michael) McDonald.  T/Dr. Colleen O’Carroll  worked closely with Dr. McDonald on various herbal formulations and protocols that form the foundation of DBM’s treatment programs. Today, Dr. McDonald is DBMs Lead Physician and a Director on the NPO Board. We have adopted the Trading Name of Doctors Beyond Medicine purely to avoid a conflict with parties that have a similar sounding name.

T/Dr. Colleen O’Carroll was responsible for formalising all the protocols used by (UNA3 / ImmunoClean™). Today, Colleen O’Carroll is DBMs CEO, a Director, Chairman of the Board, and Head Researcher.

Doctors Beyond Medicine started as an ocean venture with a fully equipped medical boat sailing from Aiden to the shores of the Comoros, Egypt, England, Greece, India, Mafia, Mauritius, Mayotte, Pemba, Red Sea, Singapore, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey, Yemen, and Zanzibar to name a few.

In 1998 the team returned to Southern Africa and started serving communities in Namibia as well as various regions in South Africa.

The team dynamics changed yet again in 2009 when Dr. Sakeena (Jaqueline) Harmsen joined the team, after having spent some time in Mexico researching Cancer and other dreaded diseases.  Today Dr. Harmsen is DBMs Chief Medical Officer and a Director on the NPO Board and regularly assists with research and updating protocols where needed.

Of the 52.2 million people in South Africa, 84% currently experience chronically poor healthcare, due to their financial circumstance, of which 19 million reside in rural areas. In the cites 25 million people are estimated to have good healthcare and approximately 8.2 million are not receiving adequate healthcare at all. From these estimated figures, one can see that South Africa is currently experiencing a health care crisis.

The Doctors Beyond Medicine team continues to expand with professionals offering general medical care, surgery, dentistry, herbalism, Traditional African, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, psychology and specialty treatments of Cancer and other dreaded diseases.  We have recently added a division of Veterinary Medicine as well as Emergency and Extreme Rescue specialists to our team.