Stress & Cancer

Many types of Cancer are a stress related illness.

That's right... stress is a major contributor to the cause of cancer because it weakens the immune system so it has fewer and weaker cells to do the work of fighting off problems.  The T cells in the immune system are the bodies only real means of defending itself against cancer cells... and they can only be created during the bodies relaxation cycle. 

What can you do to relieve stress and reduce the possibilities of getting cancer?

Relaxation and exercise are probably the best immediate stress management techniques available. 

For some stress reduction techniques see: Breathing.

By regularly decreasing your stress level, and not allowing the body to achieve the stress stacking effect, you can improve the bodies defense system. Increasing relaxation time increases T cell count and reduces the risk of cancer.

Remember, stress weakens the immune system, significantly reducing the number of T cells in the body which are responsible for defending it against the malignant cancer cells.  Stress can also reduce the number of new T cells being created and reduce the amount of new blood cells being created and this dangerous combination can actually compromise your immune system.  And a compromised immune system paves the way for many different illnesses and diseases.

The good news is that research has shown that the mind is able to induce its own relaxation response which adds to the bodies natural ability to create T cells.

By deliberately inducing the relaxation response, watching a relaxation video, walking, exercising, reducing stress, listening to music etc., you can increasing T-cell production and strengthen your entire immune system.

You've got to relax once in a while...

Preventative medicine has always been the key to a longer healthier life.   Learn to relax... take time to relax... make it part of your life.  You have the power to promote the relaxation response and improve your overall health and well-being by simply watching a Sunset Relaxation Video on a regular basis, for example.  Watch as much of this as you can, or simply just listen to the sounds whilst you relax and read a good book.

2 Hours Ocean Waves 4K Video - Nature Relaxation Sunset at Ruby Beach - Ocean Sounds

Stress reduction and stress management training are probably the best ways of coping with stress and reinforcing your immune system against cancerous cells at the same time.  Insomnia is a stress related illness.  Being over worked, over stimulated and not coping with stress will keep you from sleeping which in turn will add more to the stacking effect of stress in your life.   

When the brain is over stimulated... the body produces adrenaline a chemical produced by the brain which is the natural stimulant that produces alertness and gives you the extra energy you might need to fight off whatever stressful problems you may be faced with.

In order for you to go to sleep, the adrenaline has to be shut off and/or reduced so the body can begin to produce melatonin ( a chemical produced by the brain that induces relaxation and sleep.)

Ulcers are a stress related illness

Stress produces excessive stomach acids that can destroy the lining of the stomach.  Stress also tenses and contracts the muscles of the stomach as it does the rest of the body and prevents proper digestion of food. Reducing stress reduces acids, promotes healing and good digestion.

Rheumatoid arthritis has been identified as a stress related illness.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of the immune system.  It is an autoimmune illness in which antibodies (a substance in the blood that normally destroys bacteria and neutralizes poisons) becomes misdirected against the body's own cells resulting in tissue damage. Stress and tension and depression adds to the severity of this arthritis.

Like other stress induced or stress aggravated illnesses, rheumatoid arthritis often can be contained or completely diminished through a program of stress management.