Smoothies have a high nutrient absorbability, although your body does expend a little more energy digesting smoothies (much less than a typical meal). If you’re otherwise healthy, though, this isn’t a bad thing — it's a great thing, since most of us don’t typically get enough fibre. Smoothies are also excellent for weight loss and craving reduction, since they're packed with fibre. Because the insoluble fibre in the produce isn't being removed, a smoothie slows down digestion, keeping you full longer.

Since smoothies still contain all of the fibre of the fruits and vegetables, you can actually store smoothies longer without losing too much nutritional value. Be sure the smoothies don’t oxidize by keeping them in an airtight bottle. With proper bottling smoothies can last for up to three days, HOWEVER, we recommend you use this ONLY in an emergency. The fresher you drink your juices and smoothies the more nutrients you will feed your body.

DBM Protocol - Adjunct Treatment - DBM Health Smoothies 

Smoothies are part of the Gut Repair Protocol as well as for on-going health.

Smoothie Recipe #1: Healing Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie Recipe #2: Healing Smoothie Recipe – Jazzed Up

You can add carrot, mango or melon into your smoothie too to change the flavours up a bit. Remember it should always taste nice. One can also do a green smoothie to help the haemoglobin and natural iron levels along. Add some apple, banana, broccoli, celery, mint, parsley and spinach for a green smoothie change up.

You can also vary the fruits going into the smoothie and really experiment with what is nice – having beetroot for example will make the smoothie red and a minimum of every second day with beetroot would be great for your liver.  REMEMBER,  it is BEST to chew your fruit rather than liquidise them, so keep your fruit to a minimum and use only one or two to enhance the flavour of your GREEN juices.  You may certainly use some of the fruit smoothie recipes on our Food For Life - Smoothies page as a snack or a treat, but remember, if you are working on changing the status of your diabetes, it is best to NOT drink fruit only smoothies.

  • Banana is good for energy and beneficial to have before 11am.
  • Paw-paw and pineapple is good for healing enzymes.
  • Parsley lifts iron and haemoglobin levels.

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