Oral Dose - Assail

This protocol is used only at the instruction of your healthcare practitioner.  Follow the protocols for mixing the ImmunoClean™ and do not exceed a total of three (3) drops ONCE daily for not more than ten (10) days per month. Do not exceed the maximum number of drops per day or the number of days unless advised otherwise by your Healthcare Practitioner

Follow instructions from Aggressive Protocol, and then continue as follows:

  1. Follow the Aggressive IMMUNOCLEAN™ Formula Protocol for a maximum of four (4) days.
  2. Resume treatment following the Assail Formula Protocols (as set out below) – or follow instructions from your DBM Physician / Practitioner.


Dosage 1:1



5 – 11 3 / 3 ImmunoClean™ + Activator 4 x daily For 1 week take recommended dose
12 – 18 3 / 3 ImmunoClean™ + Activator 3 x daily For 1 week take recommended dose
19 - 25 3 / 3 ImmunoClean™ + Activator 2 x daily For 1 week take recommended dose
25 - 30 3 / 3 ImmunoClean™ + Activator 1 x daily For 1 week take recommended dose

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician / Practitioner

  • The activated dose must be drunk immediately or within 5 to 10 minutes of having activated the ImmunoClean™.
  • Only increase the drops if no nausea is experienced and only on the advice of your Healthcare Practitioner.
  • If nausea experienced, reduce the number of drops to 1:1 drop and follow instructions for a parasite cleanse.  Nausea is usually a sign of parasitic infestation.