How We Approach Regaining Health

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Restoring Balance

DBM practices incorporate complementary, Integrated and alternative medicine treatments and therapies, along with the goal of treating underlying causes of disease while stimulating the body's own healing abilities. Natural remedies are always chosen over that of pharmaceutical interventions.

Some of the key philosophies of Doctors Beyond Medicine include:

The view that a disease is just a description of symptoms, it is not an entity in and of itself and that it is a sign that the body is out of balance
the idea that patients should take individual responsibility for their own health
a holistic focus on how the structural and physiological, psychological, social, spiritual, and environmental and lifestyle factors contribute to overall health
diagnosing from a naturalistic perspective, viewing disease as imbalances and that these imbalances are caused by physiological imbalance, lifestyle deficiencies, stress, or environmental influences
treatment with a wide range of natural therapies
an emphasis on disease prevention and promotion of good heath
that some of the underlying causes of health imbalances include exposure to chemicals or toxic substances; impurities of air, water or food; physical and psychological stress; poor nutrition; and lifestyle factors

The DBM physician designs an individualized treatment plan and prescribes natural treatments such as:

These aspects are but a simplistic view of how we approach health.  We view disease simply as the body’s systems being out of balance.  This imbalance is brought about by our own actions – we are not taking care of our bodies properly. 

Learning how to care for your body through addressing what we eat, how we think, how we view ourselves in this world, how we interact with those around us and we learn how to deal with stresses and emotional traumas as a place to being restoring balance.

Some of the aspects we review are:

  • review of family history
  • past and present medical history
  • detailed review of symptoms
  • detailed information about nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors
  • look at the impact of social relationships and dynamics
  • discussion on the impact of emotional stressors and though patterns
  • look at a person's environment and their exposure to toxins and chemicals
  • allergies and history of reactions to any medications or treatments previously taken
  • obtain a list of current prescription medications, supplements, herbs, remedies and other natural health products
  • overview of different treatments previously done
  • questionnaires, as deemed necessary 

Be sure to read the VERY LONG introduction to this section  -  it will all slowly begin to make sense as we work our way through "Food For Thought" and "Your Health"