Eat To Live - Desserts

For That Sweet Tooth Moment


If you are currently on one of the DBM Programs, desserts are EXCLUDED at this stage.  Please check with your DBM Practitioner if you may include these delights in your daily menu.    Always select organic, preservative and colourant free ingredients.

Eating dessert doesn’t mean you have less self-control.   It fact, it means that you have a solid enough sense of yourself to know what it is your want – and sometimes what you want is chocolate raspberry mousse.   It means you have a level of trust in yourself to know that you can honour your hunger and your cravings. 

We love healthy food and eating a healthy balanced meal and feeling good after it. Knowing the food we eat is not only mouth-wateringly delicious but that it is going to nourish your insides, digest easily and give you energy.

Unfortunately, desserts don't usually do that.   In fact, they do just the opposite. They slow down digestion and after the sugar hit wears off, can leave you feeling low. . .

Thankfully, we have a few raw desserts designed as a remedy for all that ails most dessert recipes, whilst satisfying that “craving” for something sweet.

Having gone through a DBM Program, and balance has been restored, an odd dessert treat OCCASSIONALLY is acceptable.  Placing a selection of CLEAN desserts on our website is not an indictment to indulge excessively on a daily basis.

All deserts on this site are raw, vegan, additive and preservative-free, do not contain soy, sugar or wheat.

“When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste” – Laiko Bahrs

Eat to Live - Desserts

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