Douche Protocol

This protocol is used only at the instruction of your DBM Physician / Practitioner.

For Topical Applications

  1. Follow the protocols for activating the ImmunoClean™ Drops on Page 68.
  2. Do not exceed the number of drops recommended unless advised otherwise by your DBM Physician / Practitioner.


  • disposable douche or rubber syringe

Dosage: Mix Ratio 1:1


  • Calculate 1 drop activated ImmunoClean™ Drops per 5kg of body weight.
  • Wait prescribed 3-minutes activation period.
  • Add 100 - 250ml luke warm water to activated drops.
  • Douche: Disposable douche or rubber syringe to be used.
  • Place activated drops with the 100 - 250cc water into rubbery syringe.
  • Squirt solution into the vagina whilst lying prone.
  • Elevate legs and keep solution in vagina for as long as possible – not less than 5 minutes.


  • Douche: This method allows the drops direct access to the affected area, which is more effective.
  • However, the pH of the vagina is affected and kefir and other protocols will be required to return pH to normal.
  • Effective in the treatment of Cervical Cancer, severe vaginal infections & STD’s.


  • Douche: Apply 2 x per day (bd) for 7 days or until clear.

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician / Practitioner


After each application / douche be sure to re-establish healthy flora in the vaginal passage.

  • using a clean bulb syringe, insert about 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt (no sugar or preservatives) into the vagina.
  • Wear a sanitary towel or pantyliner as this will leak out of the vagina if any residue stays behind directly after the douche.
  • You can rinse in a bidet for extra hygiene or use a 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in 250 ml of warm water and pour over the vulva to clean.

Be sure to rebalance the pH of the vaginal passage. Do this with kefir or plane yoghurt.

Follow the link for douching with kefir