Communities We Serve

The Doctors Beyond Medicine (DBM) team established and attend several community rural clinics in Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Cape on a monthly basis. The clinics are held in remote areas where medical facilities are scarce or non-existent.

Some of our clinics include:

500 to 1000+ patients are seen during the monthly clinic tours, per week, with a steady incline in numbers as more people are made aware of the clinics and as a result of new clinics being opened.

NPC Services

Existing Government clinics in the rural areas are understaffed, usually have no doctors present, are manned mostly by nurses, who, according to the thousands of people we have spoken with, “just hand out tablets”. Good health is more than taking medicine. It is vitally important that we educate people on how to take responsibility for their own health and on how care for themselves to ensure that they do not have to go to a hospital / clinic.

While government clinics offer basic services many of these communities have members whom require specialised medical care due to the nature of their illnesses. The DBM team offer diversity due to the variety of specialists attending the community rural clinics. We cover everything from basic healthcare to specialised treatments as well as chronic and dreaded diseases.

We are leaders in our field on holistic health. Our ability to supercharge any immune system utilising our own range of alternative medicines, in particular ImmunoClean™ enables us to provide the body with the tools to begin the path to health. Our consultations allow us to provide patient specific medicine, each patient receiving a “care package” of alternative medication, from our own range of products.

The HIV / AIDS, Malaria and TB pandemics are putting a huge drain on our current healthcare system, and with South Africa having an estimated 5.5 million people infected with AIDS, funding for general healthcare is scarce. In addition, people HIV+ or with AIDS are not receiving the medicines they should to boost their weakened immune systems, and they are thus becoming extremely ill. One of our specialities is the ability to boost the immune system and the team has worked tirelessly with HIV/AIDS people across South Africa providing counselling and care to improve their current health. Whilst counselling in the cities is relatively freely available, counselling is not readily available in the rural areas.

Two major killers in South Africa are TB and diarrhea. Infant mortality rates are extremely high in hospitals in the rural areas – future plans will include a Specialist Paediatric Team that will counsel young mothers, pre-and post-natal, on health and general care for themselves and their infants. Children are killed by diseases that are easily treated in more resource-rich areas, purely because of the great distances involved in accessing healthcare and the lack of clean water. Diarrhoea causes many infants to die and this is mainly due to bacteria found in rivers. As there is no “indoor plumbing” in the rural houses, water has to be fetched from the river and it is not boiled before it is drunk.

In rural South Africa, our tuberculosis rates are “through the roof”, especially because HIV fuels the disease. People with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to TB. Our “Dreaded Disease” specialists currently work with TB patients and ensure their immune systems are boosted, with food and our proprietary medication ImmunoClean™.

Generally, patients do not receive advice or counselling on how to improve their own health, simplistically, through good nutrition and hygiene. The DBM Team members are specialists in building better immune systems to fight ALL diseases. News Africa reported that disease rates, as well as the numbers of deaths spike when rural public healthcare facilities run out of medicines and other essentials as well as important medical equipment.

Our future plans for extremely well-equipped mobile clinics, as well as our alternative medicines will enable us to better provide healthcare. These mobile clinics will service the areas currently on our list, but in time, we hope to grow the mobile clinics in more areas – starting with the most impoverished.

DBM is the only Organisation currently working in the rural areas and in the city providing Alternative/Integrative healthcare that is patient specific and not disease specific.