Candida & Geranium Oil

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) Essential Oil

 This essential oil is perhaps not the best choice for fighting a yeast infection.  One study found that using geranium oil by itself to treat Candida albicans did not reduce the number of yeast cells present in the vaginas of mice.  However, when used with vaginal washing, some reduction in vaginal yeast was seen.  This could likely be a spurious correlation as the vaginal washing by itself could have been the only treatment which helped allay vaginal yeast.  The study could only estimate that geranium essential oil played a part in healing a yeast infection.

Essential Geranium Oil for Candida Infections

Yes, you can use essential geranium oil for candida problems.  This perennial shrub is sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s rose.”  Geranium oil is often used in lieu of more expensive rose oil.  But for a yeast infection, there is no need to spend more and get actual rose oil; the poor man’s rose will work well.  

Most geranium oil is made from Pelargonium graveolens; which is native to South Africa.  This oil is widely used in aromatherapy and should be widely available.  No need to hunt for a herbal apothecary with exotic plant oils for this Candida curing oil.

The research shows some differences in the efficacy of Geranium oil.  Different strains of Candida may in fact react differently to this oil.  To make sure you have an effective treatment, it would be prudent to include other essential oils in your treatment regimen.  Dr. James A. Duke, the noteworthy expert on herbs and their medicinal uses, suggests that you mix herbs together to help ensure your natural cure will work.  Dr. Duke suggests that there is a healing synergy created when you combine a few herbs that all treat a condition together.  These herbs may all have a different action against an ailment and employing them together can be a prudent course of action.


Given the amount of research done on geranium essential oil, it is sensible to conclude it is in fact a great Candida killer.  With the variety of Candida species examined, you can be quite confident that this oil will perform well against rarer types of Candida.  Certainly this oil should be included in your arsenal of natural remedies.  One caveat, you may want to make certain your geranium oil was produced from Pelargonium graveolens.

How to Take Geranium Oil

Topical Use

You may use this oil undiluted topically on the body in the area of concern.

Oral Use

Geranium oil is generally regarded as safe for human consumption by the U.S. FDA. When you wish to ingest this oil, put 1 drop of the oil in 4 ounces of liquid or 1 teaspoon of honey.  Do not let children under 6 years of age ingest this oil!


Repetitious use of this oil may cause some degree of contact sensitization.

Using Geranium Essential Oil

Skin Care

Geranium oil is an astringent, meaning it can cause living tissue to contract.  As a result you can use it in ways you would do with a synthetic astringent.  Try mixing some of this oil with lotion and then applying it to your face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  You should see a difference in your appearance within 7 to 14 days.  If you have acne problems, the antibacterial properties of this oil may be able to help control your breakouts.  Thus, you can reduce the bacteria on your skin while you reduce the signs of aging.

Fungal Infections

Geranium oil has fungicidal properties that you can use to cure athletes foot.  Just mix some of this oil in warm salt water and let your feet soak in the mixture.  You can also try using it on other fungal infections of the skin--such as ringworm.  

General Antiseptic

This oil does kill a variety of fungi and also kills bacteria.  Since this oil has a pleasant fragrance as well, it makes a great addition to cleaning liquids.  Try using it with natural cleaning agents for a fresher, cleaner, and great smelling room.


Geranium oil is a circulatory oil; thus it will leave the body via sweat glands.  Try taking some of this oil daily to fight body odor from the inside out.  You can also mix a little of this oil with water and apply it to your skin to help you smell fresh and clean.