Magnetic Field Therapy

Most of us are quite familiar with some of the electrical activities in the body - since we are familiar with hospital use of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to measure heart activity, and an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain activity. Also, we recognize that muscle and nerve cell action is triggered by an electrical impulse. However, did you know that the whole body is "abuzz" with electrical activity?

It has been long established that the body's cells are triggered into action by the presence of certain chemicals (e.g. neurotransmitters), but we are now aware that the cell can also convert energetic (i.e. electromagnetic) signals from its environment into cellular action - The body's cells actually communicate using WEAK, frequency-specific electromagnetic fields

(EMFs), produced by low-level electric currents within the body. Specific energy frequencies regulate certain biological functions.

Each cell vibrates and emits its own electromagnetic field, and can also resonate with natural, bioavailable EMF energy sources to maintain its ideal cellular vibration - The cell membrane is effectively a "battery", which is used to power movement of ingredients into the cell and waste products out of the cell. This "battery" is "charged" by beneficial incoming energy sources, and conversely can be "discharged" by energies at frequencies not compatible with the body (e.g. the household electrical frequencies; cell phone radiation).

Some examples of beneficial, natural energy sources are:

  • The sun's radiation
  • Earth's geomagnetic field - E.g. the ground; water from a well
  • The Schumann Field - a standing wave between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere
  • Nature's sounds - E.g. birds, crashing surf
  • Nature's movement - E.g. waves, waterfalls, bubbling streams;
  • Forests
  • Health-beneficial energy frequencies - can also be purposefully introduced into the body using various therapies. These would increase the cell membrane "battery" level, and therefore increase the cell's cellular energy output.

We obtain electrons from natural and man-made energy sources.  Electrons are used by cells to make energy:


People Therapies

  • Love
  • Hands-on-Healing / Spiritual Healing
  • Prayer
  • Mental, Emotional Control
  • Exercise
  • Physical Therapies

Nature's Therapies

  • Earth’s Magnetosphere (Geomagnetic field, Solar Winds, Solar EMFs) (See Magnetic Science)
  • Schumann Fields
  • Sunlight
  • Nutrition Therapy (Eating electron-rich foods)
  • Structured /Energized Water (created by the natural action of water in nature)
  • Negative Oxygen Ion (NOI, O2- ) Therapy (through nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight)
  • Colour therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Natural Fibres
  • Essential Oils (EOs)
  • Castor Oil Packs
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Manmade / Electrotherapies

  • Magnetic Therapy (See Magnetic Science)
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (Use With Caution)
  • Voltage Square Wave Therapy (Use With Caution)
  • Ozone Therapy (Use With Extreme Caution, Especially If You Have Cancer)
  • Frequency Therapies (Use With Caution)
  • Phototherapy

Electron availability is affected by:

  • Tissue pH level
  • Tissue oxygenation
  • Degree of Water structure
  • Presence of electron donors (E.g. antioxidants)
  • Cooked vs. Uncooked foods
  • Electrophilic (electron loving) compounds on the cell membrane and in the extracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Electron availability determines electrical properties of tissues

Choose Foods containing high-energy electrons

“All of life depends on a small trickle of electrons from the sun.”  - Nobel laureate Szent-Gyorgyi, referring to highly charged single electrons, which are involved in transferring their energy to our bodies

Electrons are The Body’s Power Source

Our main goal for health is to increase cellular energy production

  • The body’s cells use electrons to produce energy.
  • Electrons can vibrate at a higher energy level when they absorb electromagnetic (EM) energy

Electrons possess wave properties and only exist at specific energy levels (mathematical integers of their wavelengths) - The energy levels are determined by which orbit they are in around an atom’s nucleus.

An atom’s electrons can only absorb or release that precise wavelength (“quanta”) of EM energy that will move it to a higher or lower orbit – electrons therefore absorb energy from UV, visible and near infrared frequencies. i.e. the electromagnetic frequencies of sunlight that make it through the Earth’s atmosphere

High-energy electrons from sunlight transfer their energy to food - where it is stored as electrons in the covalent bonds of food molecules. When eaten, these high-energy “sun electrons” in live food molecules transfer their energy to us:

  • Acting as solar resonance fields in the body to attract, store, and conduct the sun's energy in our body – highly qualified German researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig, with degrees in medicine, physics, pharmacy, and biochemistry, was a pioneer in recognizing the connection between quantum mechanics and human biochemistry and physiological well-being. She concluded that not only do electron-rich live foods act as high-powered electron donors, but electron-rich foods also act as a solar-resonant field in the body to attract, store, and conduct the sun’s energy in our bodies. She theorized that the photons of sunlight (so called pi-electrons or “sun electrons”) are attracted and activated by sun-like electrons resonating in our own biological systems, especially in the double-bonded pi-electron clouds found in the fatty acids in out cell membranes.
  • In contrast, eating refined, cooked, highly processed food reduces the amount of solar electrons energizing our
    • Fortifying against unnatural EMFs
    • Providing electron energy for cellular ATP energy production - electron energy is converted to ATP across the cytochrome oxidase system of a cell
    • Acting as antioxidants – providing electrons to be donated when needed to neutralize free radicals (oxidants)

How To Obtain Foods Providing the Most Electrons

Choose foods containing high-energy electrons.

Plant foods – include:

  • Fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds
  • Sprouted or soaked grains
  • Spirulina
  • Unsaturated fats (especially flax oil) - pi-electron clouds in the double bonds of natural, polyunsaturated fatty acids resonate with sun energy
  • Herbs
  • Foods containing antioxidant Vitamins/Minerals - donate their electrons to radicals
  • Carbohydrates (glucose), fats, and protein - contain high-energy electrons if they have not been refined, processed or cooked.

Note to those NOT on DBM Lifestyle Eating Programs:

Whilst animal flesh contains high-energy electrons which are passed through from the animal’s diet, cooking meat reduces the vibrational frequency of the electrons.

Eat foods grown by traditional methods

  • Organically grown
  • Harvested when ripe.

Keep a balance between cooked and uncooked foods - uncooked foods are able to increase the cell “battery” voltage (potential difference) more effectively than cooked foods. Professor Hans Eppinger, chief medical director at a clinic at the University of Vienna and his co-workers, concluded that ONLY a live-food diet raised the “cell battery” potential once its electrical potential had decreased, observing that raw foods significantly improved the intra- and extra-cellular excretion of toxins, as well as absorption of nutrients.

Russian scientist Dr Israel Brekhman. “Father of Adaptogens”, demonstrated that the endurance of animals with raw foods was 2-3 times greater than with the same foods after they had been cooked.

Vibrational frequency of Some Foods
Green Drink 250 MHz Dry Herbs 12-22 MHz Cooked Chicken 3 MHz
Live Salad 68 MHz Fresh Fruits/Veg. Up to 15 MHz Processed / Canned Food 0 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz A Hamburger 5 MHz    

Take a sunbath

High-energy electron foods resonate with energy coming into the body from the sun – the resonance with sunlight energy of the pi-electron clouds in the double bonds of natural, polyunsaturated fatty acids constituting the cell membrane, enhances the vibrational energy of our cells. (Notice the positive loop: The more we are able to absorb solar electrons, the better we are able to resonate, attract and absorb more solar electrons).

  • Canned goods offering some nutritional value are tomatoes and beans. Heat-processing of canned foods destroys much of their vitamins and energy;
  • Eat only foods that will quickly rot! – eat them before they do;
  • Do Not Eat cooked leftovers - throw them away! – they deteriorate fast;
  • Soak or sprout beans / grains, soak nuts – gives better access to the nutrients. Soaking or sprouting converts starches to sugar, removes phytic acid, which would combine with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc, blocking their absorption; (See Nutrition – Soak, Sprout or Ferment)
  • Cook foods by traditional methods – Roasted, Grilled, Baked, Fried, Boiled, Steamed, NOT Microwaved.
  • Eat as much raw food as possible
  • Avoid low-energy (low-frequency) “Junk” Foods - refined or highly processed.

If You Are Cooking Know How to Preserve Nutrients In Vegetables

(1) Cook food QUICKLY and (2) Don’t use too much heat.

  • Prefer:
    • Steaming / Sauteeing / Waterless Cooking (Raw is our first choice)
  • Then
    • Boiling / Baking (< 400°F / 204°C).
  • Avoid
    • Pressure cooking / roasting (> 400°F / 204°C) / frying / grilling;

(Cooking methods more likely to reach the decomposition temperatures of vitamins)

  • Steam Cooking - best way to conserve nutrients, colour and taste - faster than other methods; Decreased water contact with food surface decreases nutrient loss; Distribute cut up vegetables loosely in the steamer to allow vapour to circulate. Place vegetables that need less steaming on the top layer, those that need longer steaming on the bottom. Alternatively, add vegetables needing less steaming later on, after the coarser, denser veggies have partly cooked.
  • Sauteeing / Stir-frying – cut up vegetables small enough to cook quickly; use minimal fat;
  • Water-less Cooking - rinsed leafy vegetables e.g. spinach, cabbage will have enough water clinging to them to be cooked at low-heat in a covered pot/pan without additional water.
  • Boiling
    • Use minimal water to prevent water-soluble vitamins (E.g. B, C) and minerals leaching into cooking water – water-soluble vitamins are contained in watery part of fruits and vegetables and easily leaches into cooking water (along with minerals); Soups, stews and casseroles retain vitamin C. Broccoli is relatively leach resistant. Combs GF, The Vitamins, Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health, 2001
    • Add the vegetables AFTER the water has boiled - the high temperature helps to inactivate enzymes that would otherwise destroy the vitamin C.
    • Keep the lid on the pot.
      • This speeds up cooking
      • Protects light-sensitive nutrients: vitamin C, folacin, Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine (B6), B12


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